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Your One Stop Destination For a Great Night Out on Long Island

About Us

“Have you ever worked very hard at planning a party or outing and did not get to enjoy it?”

The fact is most people work too hard or work too much on Long Island and should be able to enjoy a hassle free night out without worrying about finding a designated driver.  Here at Long Island Pub Crawls we know the passion, time, and frustration it takes to plan that special night out with your friends or family members (We have been doing it for years).  Usually, what winds up happening is the one in charge never really gets to enjoy themselves that night.  Long Island pub crawls is here to work for you so everyone in the group has a night to remember.

Who We Are (Tapped Enterprises Inc)  is a tour operator and events company.  We specialize in private brewery tours, wine tours, pub crawls , trips to sporting events, beer festivals, and custom event planning for people of all ages.  We provide public transportation to a majority of beer festivals on Long Island as well as upstate NY.  We will take you anywhere you have to go in our newly renovated 14 passenger bus or we will accommodate your party with a larger vehicle if needed.  Many of our packaged tours are very cost effective and make a memorable day for birthday celebrations, bachelor/bachelorette parties, weddings, or just nights out on the town.  We also put on Long Island Backyard games which is an all day event during the summer where teams of 6 compete in fun backyard games.

Who We Are Not

Long Island Pub Crawls is not a fist pumping fiasco or collaboration of people who think the only thing that is fun on the weekend is to get overly drunk and cause drama. Long Island Pub Crawls has a strong sense of community and respect for the venues, bars, restaurants, pubs, and all the people they work with. So, if you are looking for a night filled with drama turn on your television or go down to the jersey shore.

Please Enjoy Long Island Responsibly, Keep it Real Behind The Wheel, Don't Drink & Drive!

Tapped Enterprises is Long Island's Premier Winery and Brewery Tour operator. Click on links to book your next wine or beer tour.

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